Saying No To Sliding Feet All Summer '18

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

spring is officially here! obviously. hints the beautiful 80 degree weather we thought may not ever come! Perfect weather to grab those spring and summer clothes from the back of our closets. Even those strappy shoes you've been breaking in all winter! but are you afraid of ruining a perfect outfit with "toe hangover"? when your toes slide to the front of your shoes and yell "hold up boo, you got me f*cked up!".

Well, I have a few simple and cheap solutions for you!

"I walk around like I'm fine, but deep down my toes are cursing me out."

The first tip is "no purchase necessary"! because we don't turn down free 'ish! The most important tip to ensure that every other tip works efficiently is to avoid putting lotion or oil on the bottom of your feet or where the straps of the shoes will lay for at least 8 hours before putting on your shoes. putting on lotion and oil may seem like a good idea since non of us want to be ashy, especially anyone with naturally dry &/or darker skin tones. ashiness is a no-no! but these product's sole purpose are to make sure your skin is moisturized, which means putting them on causes Your feet to be slippery and more likely to sweat. this is what most likely causes our feet to slid towards the front of our shoes!

for tip two, i recommend applying a generous amount of Extra Strength hair spray to the bottom of your feet and insoles of the shoes. yes y'out guys, i said hair spray! i said what i said! don't knock it 'til you've tried it. when you spray your feet and insoles then let the spray completely dry before putting on your shoes, your feet will not budge! this makes wearing the shoes much comfortable because you no longer have to hide in a corner, doing that weird thing with your feet to put your toes back where they should be ever 5 minutes. Thank me later.

Now on to the recommendations where you have to spend a few coins. Try investing in a few non-slip insoles. my favorite brands are Ball Of Foot Cushion by Dr Scholls DreamWalk, non slip by premier, ball of foot cushions by fabfeet and a few off brands with great reviews on amazon. These insole cushions are an effective way to keep your feet from sliding forward. plus, they make walking in your shoes less painful since they help reduce pressure on your feet.

"Some may say laughter is the best medicine, but i say it's new shoes."

your feet may be sliding forward due to purchasing your shoes a size or half size too big. next time you're at the mall, go into your favorite shoe store and try on a few pairs of open toed shoes in a smaller size and walk around in them for a few minutes. i recommend the same time frame where you notice that your feet start to slide in the shoes you already own. if they fit comfortably and aren't sliding, you've found your solution!

**bonus tip: "got to be glued" holding gel works perfect to keep over the knee shoes from sliding down. Apply an even layer onto your skin, underneath the area where the fabric of the shoe or laces will be. let dry for at least 5 minutes or use a blow dryer on the cool setting until the gel has a tacky texture. Once you place the shoe's fabric onto this area, i promise you your shoes will be secure the entire time they're on. you now have one less thing to be self conscious about!

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