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Updated: May 26, 2018

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Welcome to Darquitta’s Guide To UrbnCastles first blog post! And we welcome you by celebrating Four Nine Shoe Closet's 1st Birthday by collaborating with them to teach you a shopping strategy that is going to forever change the way you shop for shoes! Not only is it going to make it INSANELY EASY to find the perfect shoes to start your collection, but it's also going to give you the exact basis you need to create a wide range of memorable outfits.

So, are you ready?!

Like any part of a good wardrobe, building or revamping the right shoe collection takes a lot of thought and planning. There are thousands of beautiful shoes out there, but not all of them are worth buying, to be honest! Figuring out which shoes are worth it requires seriously thinking about what works for your lifestyle and needs.

I present to you, a list of “essential shoes,” but with an explanation about what clothes and environments they might be best suited for, so that you can decide which are right for you.

Now let's dive in

The Classy Shoe

First let’s talk about dressy/formal shoes. Because we all like to get dolled up, right? (No really? Who doesn’t like to have all eyes on their outfit?) For your classy shoe, try looking for shoes that have a sleeker line, thus are considered more formal. Get whichever strikes your fancy, but know that the more details there are on a shoe, the more eye catching you’ll be! (Details are your friend!)

If you get dressed up and wear tailored clothes often, then you’ll need at least two pairs of classy shoes. This will allow you to properly rotate through your shoes so that each pair can have a full day’s worth of rest after each wear. If you don’t rotate through your shoes, the chances of you running out of outfits will be at an all-time high! And that’s NO BUENO!

The Comfy Shoe

Everyone needs at least one pair of comfy shoes they can wear to run errands, but still be put together or to keep in their car after a long walk from the bar! Depending on your style and the season, you can choose from flat comfy sandals, a cute studded sneaker or just a nice pair of closed toe flats. I always go for comfy shoe that can dress up any plain jane outfit.

The Statement Shoe

Why not be bold? Make a statement once in a while and be seen for the baddie you are! I recommend at least one good statement shoe in your wardrobe. Whether the light catches how lit you are or the color matches those neon lights. You can dress up any boring outfit with a unique style or color shoe. Look for glitter, studs, diamonds and fun patterns.

The Perfect Bootie

For fall and winter, I’d recommend investing in a few pairs of booties, but you can start you collection off with one black pair and one brown/tan pair booties so you’ll have a shoe to match any outfit. Again, there dozens of variations so the perfect pair for your style is totally up to you and what makes you feel fierce! They’ll go with everything as casual as a paten leather jacket or a utility jacket, to something dressier such as a cute tweed jacket or trench coat.

The Neutral Color Shoe

Neutral does not mean just grey, white, or brown.... That said, neutrals can be cool (have blue or green undertones) or they can be warm (have brown, red, orange, or yellow undertones.) The first thing you will want to decided is if you want a cool or a warm neutral. (I myself am a warm color gal.) Once you find what kind of tone looks best on, you’ll have no problem finding the best neutral color shoes to start your wardrobe! The best part about the neutral shoes is that they are perfect for all seasons because you can create multiple outfits out of a few simple pieces.

"A woman with good shoes is never ugly" - COCO CHANEL

Of course, only you can figure out what mix of shoe styles is right for you, but at least now you know what might be some of the reasoning. Take a look at Four Nine Shoe Closet’s collection of timeless shoes to find the best pair that suits your style.



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