24 & Winging It #BloggerChallenge

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Inspired by Courtney Saunders of Passionate Woman Blog Post about being 25 and Wingin’ It. This post will include My fun facts, confessions, and lessons thus far.


24th BirthDay | Las Vegas 2018

Fun Fact:

1. When i meet people they usually think i'm shy. Im not shy at all! Im very social and friendly when i get to know people, but i'm extremely observant. I like to pay attention to body language and see if you're the kind of person i want to be around. if i remain quite, something about your personality, comments or vibes has rubbed me the wrong way.

2. My favorite color is burnt orange and A clean shade of white.

3. I have an obsession with rose gold watches. I have a collection of 22 of them.

4. i'm entrepreneur to a small and upcoming Clothing store Shop UbnCastles.

5. I've lost seventy-six pounds in eight months #VSG

6. I am the youngest child and family means the world to me.

7. I’m a Pisces Baby! (March 9th)

24th Birthday | Las Vegas


8. I love chocolate and Sour candy

9. I don't have any tattoos

10. I'm the "strong friend" that everyone asks for help, but never genuinely checks on. (working on removing people who only get in touch with me to get something from me).

11. When i'm upset i "talk through my nose" (whatever that means lol)

12. I keep my distance when i notice negative behavior. I try not to reciprocate negativity (be petty). i'd rather stop talking and remove myself until i figure out how to address the situation respectfully.

13. I'm Still Grieving from my close friend, Tiauna, passing last August.

14. I've suffered from depression since her passing. I'm learning how to cope and talk about it with the help of my awesome boyfriend and seeing a therapist once a month.

15. I hate scary movies.

16. My 2018 New Years Resolution was to Make positive personality changes and i've been addressing, apologizing and changing my negative behaviors. Im extremely around of myself thus far.

Tiauna & I | CurlFest 2017


17. Pay Attention To body language and things people don't say. Actions speak louder than words.

18. Not everyone is meant to have permanent residency in your life. Some are just temporary lessons passing through. Learn how to let people and situations go.

19. It's okay to not be okay! I have been trying to hold it all together, but I can’t do it alone. It’s unhealthy for me to keep it all in and pretend i'm okay just to please others. I have found peace in confiding in the very few people I trust, but i know i have more work to do.

20. Don't let negative people get comfortable being negative in your life. Address the issue the first time & if it continues remove them from your space. You become The energies you allow into your life.

21. Take care of your health now. Your future children need you.

22. Speak to a licensed therapist. Even when everything is going right.

23. Self Care and Self Motivation is everything!

24. Stop announcing ideas and accomplishments prematurely.


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To learn more about me & my mission, go check out my "About" page & read my bio where i go in depth about Myself and by brand, UrbnCastles!


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