Who Is UrbnCastles?

About Me

Darquitta Denise, around the internet I'm known as UrbnCastles.


Born March 9th. I’m your straight-talking interwebs BFF.

I’m a twenty-something with big feet and an even bigger personality. I am a Business Owner, Content Creator here on my blog and  on YouTube. iam currently 100% pescaterian well as a newly found & sanctified Vegan. I'm a Jack of All Trades & a master of none. So as you can imagine, life never gets boring! I’ve got a thing for wine, anything chocolate and marble. I am post Gastric Sleeve (October 2017). And I am absolutely loving my results.

About urbncastles

i started calling myself urbnCastles when i created my YouTube channel a few years ago. i wanted people to be curious when they seen or heard the name. i love when people ask me questions. I'm a Pisces! We're naturally mysterious. i couldn't help myself!


The name "Urbncastles" stands for the environment where i'm From (Urban) and the lifestyle i am building for myself and the people around me (Castles). I was born & raised in Newark, New Jersey, USA. Many may know of the negative connotations that comes when hearing of the city, but only few really know of the jewels that Newark has and the opportunities it offers. 


I've gotten many crazy looks and people trying to correct me because a letter is missing in "Urban". I removed the letter "A" because my mother raised me not to become a product of the environment where we lived, but by the morals she instilled in me. My sisters and I were always called "bougie" or people would say we thought we were better than them. of course Our response was always, "No, you think i'm better than you!". We grew up different from our peers. We dressed differently, behaved differently and We thought differently. Now that I am older I see why  these comments were common occurrences. We where being raised not to follow in the same mistakes our parents and earlier generations made, but learn from them. We Aren't better than anyone. We were being trained to be better than ourselves each and everyday.

About My Mission

i wanted to create a platform that would empower Everyone to embrace being different. I want to encourage people that all things are possible if you can imagine it. 

I will continue to work, learn, Grown and expand my brand while creating a movement for people to embrace their Differences Whether if it's 100 percent naturally you, post-op, or pre-loving yourself. We will work together through my platform to uplift and educate each other to appreciated ourselves no matter what part of self appreciation we're in.


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